PA / PE bags for vacuum packingDSC_0707 Characteristics of PA / PE vacuum bags :
  •  multiple layer material (polyamide / polyethylene) ,
  • in all sizes and thicknesses of 60 to 240 μ with a smooth surface ,
  • vacuuming inside the chamber .
More information:
  • pouches made from tubing sealed on bottom, or 2-3 side sealed
  • EVOH barrier as option,
  • EURO hole, 8 color flexoprinting,
  • cook-in bagsº,
  • alluminium pouches (ALU/PE).
Shrink bags termo Shrink bags  features :
  • 9-11 layer materials with EVOH barrier layer or PVdC ,
  • excellent shrinkage characteristics ,
  • high transparency of the product,
  • cook-in shrink bags, cheese bags, high abuse bags
  • in all sizes and thicknesses ranging from 45µ to 95µ.
Possible variations of bags:
  • side sealed,
  • round bottom,
  • straight bottom sealed,
  • taped.
  Ribbed vacuum bags DSC_0710 Features:
  • multi-layer material PA / PE with ribbed layer
  • required for output of air from the bags in vakumiranju with the apparatus without the chamber , suitable for repeated use;
  • suitable for multiple use,
  • suitable for use in cooking up to 110 º C,
  •  in all sizes and standard thickness of 105 µ.
  • available in rolls of 120, 150, 200 and 300 mm widths.
Flexo printing up to 8 colors In our offer we have high quality flexo printing, wich is produced by state of the art machinery of up to 8 colors on the shrink material and PA / PE films. Our speciallities are also laminated films. Thermo forming films DSC_0708 We offer regular films of all widths and with different characteristics as normal PA / PE film,  with Easy peel , EVOH barrier, antifog, UV barrier... Features:
  •  Cutting and preparing films to all desired dimensions,
  • film thickness of 60 to 280 micrometers,
  • availeble also in other structures as APET/PE, skin films, MAP packaging films.
Fields of use:
  • SHRINK-PACK (with shrink material)
Laminating and cutting foil with thicknesses and widths up to 1600mm Manufacture of laminated packaging with your design. We also provide services of film cutting of any thickness up to a maximum width of 1600 mm .